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County Report

Northumberland v Clwyd - 28th/29th January 2012

This weekend we welcomed our opponents from Clwyd for only our second home game of the season. Records available since 1994 show that the only 2 previous meetings of the counties have produced very close results. This weekend was no exception.

On Saturday the Ladies B, uncharacteristically, got us off to a poor start, crashing to a 6-0 defeat. However the score didn’t really reflect how close the match was. Four of the six sets went to five legs and, but for missed doubles, the score could so easily have been a 4-2 win.

Andy Dillon got the Mens B off to a good start with a 3-0 win but Gareth Steele, making his debut, and Darren Shields couldn’t match his start, losing their sets 3-0 and 3-1 respectively. Scott McParlin took the deciding leg of his set for a win, but then Jimmy Blakey and Gary Lomas both lost 3-1. Richard Storey was next, winning 3-1, but then we dropped another two sets; Steve Wanless missing out on the deciding leg of his set and Greg Falcus losing his 3-1. Another 5 leg set followed with a win for Davy Richardson in his first appearance this season, and then another win, this time for Sam Wanless, winning 3-1. With the mens score at 5-6 to Clwyd it left only Jamie Martin to level the mens result, however missed doubles gave the deciding leg to his opponent bringing the Mens B result to 7-5 to Clwyd and the overnight score to 13-5 to Clwyd. Mens B MOM was Davy Richardson with a 25.73 average.

On Sunday, it looked like it was set to be more of the same for the Ladies A when Ange Best’s set went to five legs. However Ange’s win seemed to set the tone for the day. Next up was Julie Thompson, who won comfortably in 3 legs, followed by Ang Turnbull who unfortunately lost her set. But then Ann Marie Potts, Dawn Longstaff and Ali Murphy followed winning 3-1, 3-0 and 3-2 respectively, bringing the Ladies A a brilliant 5-1 win. Ladies A LOM Julie Thompson 18.33 average.

The result stood at 10-14 going into the Mens A games. John Watson kicked things off with a comfortable 3-0 win, followed by Chris Bewick who missed doubles to take the deciding leg of his set. Paul Sinclair and Ian Gleeson took their sets 3-0 and 3-1 respectively, but double trouble again prevented Andy McClure from taking the fifth leg of his set. 3-2 wins for Neil Grey and Paul Bell were followed by a rare 3-2 defeat for John Stevenson. With the mens score standing at 5-3 to Northumberland and overall at 15-17 to Clwyd, we needed to win all of the remaining sets to win the match. Dave Maitland was next up and took his set 3-1. He was followed by Davy Richardson who took a comfortable 2nd win of the weekend in 3 legs, which levelled the overall score. Then Allen George took his set 3-1 to put us ahead and guarantee at least a draw, however Frankie Skillen wasn’t able to secure the win and the bonus points were shared. Mens A MOM Paul Sinclair 28.36.

A fantastic performance all round; though doubles cost us dearly on Saturday we managed to turn the match round and grind out a terrific result on Sunday considering where we were at the start of the day – well done everyone.